Our Electricians and Plumbers Get Lots of Training

We are pleased to congratulate two of our plumbers, Aaron Boxley and Jonathan Henshaw, in their completion of classes in Backflow Prevention Device Training and Cross Connection Training at Daniel Technology Center of Germanna Community College. As seasoned plumbers Aaron and Jonathan are now part of our team of Backflow Prevention Device Workers.

Backflow devices at cross connections in drinking water systems prevent contamination of the drinking water that may be caused from back-siphoning of potentially contaminated water flowing back into the drinking water supply. It is also important and required that backflow devices be tested for proper function annually.

We'd also like to congratulate two of our electricians, Brandan Kilby and Jay Murray, for successfully completing the Briggs & Stratton Home Generator Systems Field Service School related to the theory and operation of air-cooled home generator systems. This was Brandan's first training class in this area, and continuing education for Jay. Standby generators continue to be wise investments for many homeowners. We are committed to keeping our electricians up to date in training so we can continue offering the best advice and service to our customers.

In addition to our employees' success, Bo Kilby, Owner of R W Kilby Wire and Water, completed his Master's Level Plumbing, Gas-fitters, and Master's level Electrical Tradesman license re-certification through Germanna's Daniel Technology Center.

With our team of certified electricians and plumbers we look forward to building on our 40 years of service to Culpeper and the state of Virginia. We are committed to providing safe and professional electrical and plumbing services to our many customers.