Backup Generators for the Home or Office

A standby generator system provides backup electrical power during a black out or brown out. The generator is typically permanently installed, just like an AC unit, at your home or office. It feeds directly into your electrical service, and automatically turns on when there's a power outage.  A system like this will automatically protect your property when the power goes out.

GE Standby Generator

Reliable Backup Power

We can install generators for you that backup your entire electrical system or just your most essential areas. For example, you may only need to provide backup power for medical, refrigeration, or computer equipment. 


Fully Automatic Operation

You'll have worry-free performance from the unit. There's no need to turn it on or off.  To make sure everything is working properly we offer regular service and maintenance of our standby generator systems.


Sized for Your Application

Once we understand your backup power needs we'll be able to recommend a generator that provides the correct power output. You won't pay for more than you need, and you'll get the best service from our recommended unit.


Brands We Carry

We're proud to install and service Briggs & Stratton generators.