Considering LED Lighting

Your lighting selection becomes more important during the shorter daylight hours of winter. With the increasing popularity of LED light fixtures we've seen some common questions among our customers. LED bulbs are energy efficient light sources that require some basic research in order to experience the full potential of the technology.

LED Lightbulb Selection

The LED lightbulbs we recommend using are manufactured by CREE. We've found that their quality and durability is far better than other brands. As a bonus, they come in almost any color or light temperature you'd want in or around your home or office.

LED bulbs are now being designed to fit almost any interior or exterior lighting need. However, use caution when you're choosing the size and style of bulb that can be adapted to an existing fixture. With improper selection, you run a risk of the retrofit not working or damaging the bulb and fixture. That can be quite costly!

Using Dimmers with LED Lightbulbs

With LED lightbulb technology there is still the problematic issue of light flicker which can cause headaches in sensitive individuals as well as damage the bulb and fixture. To help with this issue, use high-quality LED lamps (such as CREE), compatible luminaires and dimmers, and digital controls rated for use with LED lighting products. 

For reliable and energy efficient service we most frequently recommend Lutron products. 

Any of the experts at RW Kilby Wire & Water are happy to help you figure out the best LED light products that fit your location and budget.