Tankless Water Heater FAQs

We talk to a lot of customers about installing tankless water heater systems. Over the years we have installed quite a few on demand water heaters. To help you determine if this system is right for your home, we're answering a few of the questions we are most frequently asked.

What is a tankless or on demand water heater?

A tankless water heater is a system for heating water as it's used or needed.  Traditional water heaters store hot water in a large tank and keep it heated continually whether or not it is being used.  With a tankless water heater you eliminate the energy costs of maintaining a big storage tank of hot water since you are only heating water when you need it.

Do tankless water heaters really work?

Yes, it will provide years of good, dependable service with minimal maintenance required.  An on demand water heater can be powered by either gas or electricity, and will provide your home with a constant flow of hot water when you need it.  You will not run out of hot water again.

Where will the on demand water heater be installed?

The unit is wall-mounted and may be installed in various interior locations where venting to the exterior is available.  Mounting on an exterior wall is also acceptable.  The unit takes 1/3 the space of a conventional water heater.

Will I save any money with an on demand water heater?

Yes.  Depending on the type of unit you are replacing, the gas tankless water heater can realize a payback in 3 years by lowering your operating costs with its decreased energy consumption.

What brands do you install?

We can furnish and install any of the leading tankless water heater systems including units from Rinnai and Noritz. Each brand has specific benefits based on application. Contact us today and we can help you decide which one will work best for you.